Rin’Oshan humans are a mercantile people. My thought is the young learn to ride from an early age. When they have mastered this they begin traveling with their merchant elders to assist and learn. At the onset of puberty they are sent to the Lizard folk (to which the humans have a deep respect) to learn the ways of martial combat. When they have been deemed worthy of approval by the Rin’Oshakaari the now young adults return to their tribes and join the mercenary units (a service that can be sold like trade goods). When they have gained enough prestige and wealth they leave their violent profession and begin their venerable years as a merchant. The mercenaries are lead by the strongest or most respected of the “Fighting Class”. The tribes as a whole are lead by the most respected and wisest of the “Merchant Class”. This way all elders were once mercenaries, but still provide a practical use in their society.

I like it all except the “sending them to the lizard people” part. Even though they are currently allied with them, they are still monsters. I’d be open to argument here, however, being as they do worship demons.

They aren’t “monsters” if they can actively make alliances. My thought is that the two cultures live symbiotically. The lizard folk are carnal and tethered to the waters. The humans are merchants and bring goods from far off lands, but they recognize the knowledge of the environment and the strong martial culture the lizard folk possess
Maybe the humans see them as a closer tie to the birthplace of the world

Well, this begs the question what kind of scociety the lizard folk live in. What is there level of technology? What are their settlements like?
They are slightly draconic in nature…

I was thinking primitive, but cultured like feudal Japan
They live in modesty but take pride in what they have.
Mud huts that are kept clean and simply decorated

My thought was their ties with the humans is an old one. They keep to themselves, but offer their tutelage in return for goods
Over time this became a right of passage for young rin’oshans and strengthened the link between the two cultures until it is now a solid tradition. They keep this a secret of course

I imagine there is at least some reverence and fear felt toward them.


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