Dezeldin Swamps

- Farmland
– City surrounds Holy Cave of the Serpent
– Snake Worship (Drexath)
– Lead by 8th level High Priestess
– Poison use abounds

- Horse people
– Merchant folk
– Lead by Horse Archer Mercenary
– Diplomatic region
– Strong ties in Drexuum and Braxenmire
– Braxult and Drexath worship

- Strong War Chief
– Majority Braxult worship
– In defiance against the King of Bones a small sect of Mirlethians allied with them and relinquished control of the river crossing and the fort which protects it.

- Braxult Worship
– Daily public torture of Mirlethian captives (Prisoner is tied to a pole and drug through the town until every citizen young and old is afforded a blow with their club (A ceremonial Club is common for citizens to cherish, decorating them with care) The head is left untouched so it can be removed and stuck on a pike to be displayed along the Black River for their foes to observe.
– If a town has no prisoners they will send out a war party to obtain some
– In the northeast region the people float their torture victim in the swamp, and once the head is removed the bodies are left to rot in the swamp.
– A traveling Necromancer collects his undead army of headless skeletons from the ritual victims.

- Drexath Worship
– Swamp people
– Known as the “Ghosts of Nartolek
– Villages of Huts on stilts
– Canoes
– Control and maintain the Nartolek Crossing
– Great homage is payed by both Beratosh and Drexuum for use of the crossing
– Blowguns
– Full sight of their home when defending from invaders

Vezoth the Black travels the entire principality along the edges of the swamp collecting the dead, animating them, and leading them into the swamp. The tribes that border the swamps know of him and some intentionally and ceremonially prepare the bodies for his arrival. Some tribes dress them in new clothing and dress them with their weapons (if they were warriors).
Some tribes, often the ones who worship Drexath, clean the bodies of the deceased and leave them on display in the center of the village, praying daily for Drexath to “clean their spirit”. When the Skeleton has been bleached white and no flesh remains they bury? they create mounds and intern them?
they leave them on display for Vezoth’s visit?
Drexath worshippers like him because he radiates the stench of decay

Dezeldin Swamps

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