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  • Esselathius

    Esselathius and its sister city Mirralathius are amongst the most advanced in the world. Left unmolested through many of the Demon Wars, they were allowed to advance free from dragon rule. Esselathius is ruled by a council of seven elders, One is …

  • Mirralathius

    Founded in the northern waters of _______, this is the original Narthulian settlement. Its sister city, [[Esselathius | Esselathius]] lies to the south in warmer seas.

  • Narthuk

    Sunken [[Avriel | Avriel]] city, cast down by Luln. Desiring worshipers and champions of the sea, [[MARKKESH | MARKKESH]] spared the residents of this once floating city, changing their physiology to adapt to their new environment. These new creatures …

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