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  • Nartol Pass

    The only easy way through the Nartosh Hills. It was here [[:quelliorn | Quelliorn Silverscale]] lead his cavalry into a bloody ambush and was captured as hostage by the Mirlethian army of Methos Thun.

  • Hills of Nartosh

    Strange Monuments and ruins dot the landscape of this part of the Duchy of Leaf. The surrounding farmers avoid it if they can. Also known as the Forbidden Hills among the farmers. There is only one direct route through the hills at the [[Nartol Pass | …

  • Black Briar

    A watch tower from ages past, long abandoned. Current Elven Historians theorize that a tribe of [[Wild Elves | Wild Elves]] once lived in the [[Hills of Nartosh | Hills of Nartosh]]. They settled the area, as it was a good place to defend against the [[ …

  • Sile

    After the Ashstone war on the Elven Isle, having seen his resolve in command lead to victory, Sile requested to remain the squire of [[:cordo | Calvin Cordozar Smee, Currasant]]. She has traveled with her patron since

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