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  • Ashtabula

    *Demon of Pride* Symbol: A Compass Avatar: Peacock Worshipped by: No one officially Ashtabula was slain in the Betrayal Wars; his blood droplets creating the fabled Ash Stones.


    [[File:604708 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpeg]]*Demon of Disease* Symbol: A Fanged Snake Avatar: A vulture Skeleton Worshipped by: Pockets of Dezeldinian tribes.


    Demon of Lust. Symbol: Genitals. Lots of genitals. Avatar: Goat Worshipped by: No one officially. Rumored to be held in esteem by some brothels and the like.


    *Demon of Deceit* aka: The Purple eyed Raven of Trickery Symbol: The Raven Avatar: Raven, Coyote and Fox, though any form may be taken by the Demon of Deceit. Always, it has purple eyes. Worshipped by: No one officially, though the occasional …

  • The Ballad of the Demon War

    *[[GUL | Gul]]* is the bringer of the red rain *Gul* is the tool of deceit *Gul* has a knife named desire *[[Ashtabula | Ashtabula]]*, his throat was opened *Ashtabula*, his blood filled the skies for a ten day *Ashtabula* knows the secret Death …

  • Qua Jon

    The first mage and favored of [[THATHIL GROG MEZZSERIN | Thathill Grog Mezserrin]]. He founded magic in the world and was instrumental in bringing the Dragons to the world before he died. From the [[The Origins of Samsarras | The Origins of Samsarras]].

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