The Isles of Samsarras

We Have But One Option
Dragon Behind, Dragon Below

Calvin Cordozar Smee has been lost. Jeg’kir has accepted his fate and embraced gravity before he admitted defeat. His closing words echoing in the canyon, “This is War!” Afsana, Arkin, and Azulwrath must push forward without looking back. Zul helps Arkin across the gap that claimed Cordo, and Afsana follows close behind. In the instant they are on the next platform Lady Noureen’s beloved steed is showered in the acidic breath of the Brown Dragon. Our adventurers make their way out of range of the young, but deadly wyrm, it having tested the rope structure and found it to be inadequate support. It resigns itself to the bountiful meal of fine riding horses. They shall be missed as well.
They take a short rest to tether themselves in a rope chain then continue across the chasm. As the sun sets they reach the far side of this mysterious bridge and find them selves at the foot of a 30 foot statue of a human male with features and wearing cord armor akin to those of the Del Harun. It is perhaps an ancestor of Afsana’s people, no one is sure. The group of three press onward to find shelter from the plummeting temperature and to eat for the first time this day. Azulwrath must reapply his breathing salve, the arid, sandy winds shriveling his irritated gills.
After a short rest they consult the second half of their map leading to Mannek. While enroute through the ruins of a once great city they are attacked by a monstrosity of half deformed dragon man. It is vicious and agile; the party exchanges blows briefly when the song and rhythm of Azulwrath’s dance strike a harmonic chord with the magic within his glass longsword. In an instant the immense power locked in the blade is released through Zul’s perfectly executed coup de grace shattering the sword in the process.


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